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About Us

About Us

As the sun sets on another magnificent day in paradise..... I sit and ponder about Dance Movement for Life and why it is an important component of my life?

Joy, freedom and fitness spring to mind initially but that is only the outward expression of its essence. If you look deeper you find complexity of body movements, enormous brain function to piece each move together in time to the specially chosen music and a mix of emotions from start to finish. This has to be good for you!


Welcome to Dance Movement for Life, my name is Leigh and I have always had a passion for music, fitness, dance and teaching adults.

I believe that change can truly start with one person, so in 2020 after so much angst and uncertainty in the world. I decided to launch this studio space and create a caring and nurturing environment where people can meet and share simple recipes for life while socialising and keeping fit.

I want to explore simple initiatives in movement and health as we age, maintaining fun, creativity and fostering boldness.


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Contact Us

Dance Movement For Life

Tewantin Uniting Church

41 Poinciana Avenue


QLD, 4565


Tel: 0415 446 943

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